My Story

Not just a woman in a lobster hat :-)

Hi there, my name is Rowan and I run Stuff with String.

In 2018 I started helping out a friend who runs her own stall at events, and I wanted something of my own to sell.  I do a lot of arts and crafts, but it's a bit of an expensive hobby and so I just hoped to make enough money to buy even more craft supplies. I eventually discovered string art and spent many a happy hour in my workshop/living room with bits of wood and miles and miles of crochet thread.

What surprised me was how interested children were in what I was making.  To pass the time between customers I was taking along a work in progress and the same children would return time and time again to see how I was going and watch what I was doing.  This got me thinking about making kits so that they could make the pieces themselves.

There has been so many little 'tricks' that I've learnt as I've gone along and I wanted to find a way to not only make string art accessible, but to give people the opportunity to improve and progress without having to spent loads of money on wood and nails.  I considered a YouTube channel, but when I started looking at selling my product online, a website  seemed like a great option.

Please feel free to contact me via Facebook or Instagram.

Your string art journey starts here - enjoy :-)


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