'Stages of String Art'

If I had to pick a slogan for my string art kits, it would have be something along the lines of 'letting everyone enjoy string art without the bother of dealing with the nails'. Not very catchy, but accurate nevertheless.

I've spent a lot of time playing around with different kinds of wood and nails; I've tried staining the wood, painting the wood, decoupaging the wood, even covering it in material (this is great by the way). Many bits of wood were cracked and damaged while I experimented with the best way to cut them, and no matter how much I tried it was impossible to get the nails straight and equal height. Some bits of wood have hard bits in them, which you don't discover until your nail buckles and has to be thrown away. Even when you have a good bit, you still have to sand it thoroughly before you even start adding the nails.

The bottom line is that setting yourself up to enjoy string art can be time consuming and costly. Add to that that hammering nails makes a lot of noise and suddenly getting into string art starts to seem less appealing.

This is why I'm offering kits, so other people can enjoy making the string art without the hassle of sourcing the raw materials and taking up woodwork. I want each kits to offer something new to learn so, although they come with the nails already in place, I will offer the option for the stage four kits to just have guide holes.

I've been a busy bee this bank holiday and have finished my plan for each of the kits. It feels pretty good. :-)

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