Stage One Kits

Stage one kits are designed for small children, although some help is required from an adult. Each design is a simple, familiar shape that will appeal to boys and girls alike.


Wool colour can be requested when ordering and the extra benefit of these kits is they are reusable - just take off the wool, pack it away and use it again.  If you have any spare wool around the house, you could measure out the right amount (it's there on the box), and keep a variety of colours on hand.  These kits can be completed with one continuous piece of wool, so it only needs to be tied on at the beginning and tied off at the end.

The nails chosen for stage one are long, which gives plenty of room to add the wool; they also have large, flat heads which helps keep the wool secure on the nail. Because the shapes are simple, most of the nails are placed just over a cm apart.  There is no lose of pattern, but the extra room makes it easier for little fingers to wrap the wool around the nails. 

They look a lot like this nail right over there.


Each kit contains:

  • Approx. 12 meters of 100% cotton, double knit wool

  • One pre-nailed template on sanded, unfinished wood (approx. 14.5cm x 15cm)

  • Instructions

I decided not to include a template in these as the pattern is clear on the wood base; but one can be printed and included with an order on request.

The stage one kits available are butterfly, star, heart and cat; custom orders are taken.

The finished article

Using these kits, children will learn about the different patterns they can create, simply by how they wrap the wool around the nails.  When they are ready for something a little more advanced, how about looking at a stage two kit. 

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