Stage Two Kits

Stage two kits are designed for young children, although some help may required from an adult. The designs are familiar shapes with popular children's themes. 


More than one colour wool is required for these patterns and colours can be requested when ordering.  Each kit also contains black wool to create an outline. 

The nails chosen for stage two are smaller than in stage one and closer together, allowing for a more detailed pattern to be created with the wool. 

The image on the right shows a comparison between the heads of the stage one and stage two nails.



Each kit contains:

  • Between 12 and 14 meters of 100% cotton, double knit wool (pattern dependent)

  • One pre-nailed template on sanded, unfinished wood (approx. 14.5cm x 15cm)

  • Instructions

  • Paper template for reference

The stage two kits available are boat, apple and flower; custom orders are taken.

Using these kits, children will learn more about the different patterns they can create.  The additional nails allow for a more planned pattern using vertical and horizontal lines.  

Stage two introduces the concept of layering, which happens where two colours meet and one colour has to go on top of another. The final touch is a black outline to really make that pattern pop.  


When they are ready for something a little more advanced, how about looking at a stage three kit. 

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